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The name IERE was chosen because it represents the ideals and virtues of its owner and CEO, an Ierean (Trinbagonian) living in Canada. Double entendre is a way of life for them; it demonstrates that they have many layers and/or facets. Iere is also what the indigenous people of Trinbago called their home, “Iere – Land of the Hummingbird”. The father of the nation stated decades ago quite simply, “When you are working, work hard – when you are partying, party hard”. So everything IERE does will always be Imaginative, Engaging, Responsible, Effective and fun.

Our core values are also built into our name:



Imaginative – having or showing creativity or inventiveness

IERE designs imaginative ways for you to gain new insights into how your customers think and how they interact with your business


Engaging – establish a meaningful contact or connection with

IERE works with you, they listen to your needs and desires, and is a partner in helping your business to grow to its full potential


Responsible – Capable of being trusted, morally accountable for one’s behavior

Understand that IERE will always have your best interests in mind


Effective – successful in producing a desired or intended result

IERE always do what they say – their word is their bond

IERE is a multimedia company, focused on delivering imaginative and innovative applications and websites. These applications would be directed at client facing businesses such as retail outlets that sell products; to organizations that provide services such as, museums, zoos and entertainment complexes, just to name a few. Individuals seeking personal websites or mobile applications can also benefit from contacting us.

IERE’s main focus is to provide practical applications to the world, through a unique spyglass, using the latest technologies. Websites and apps will always be with the customer in mind and profits behind – the customer will always come first.

IERE will help you discover new and valuable insights into how your customers think, giving you ideas, for among other things, product placement, if you are selling widgets; to making your customers’ experience memorable if you are selling a service; when it is memorable they will tell others.

Almost anyone can build a website, however, not everyone will show you how to maintain it yourself and show you how to keep it relevant in Google’s rankings, thereby saving you money and frustration, easing your mind.

All applications delivered will provide the customer with a valuable experience that would be worth the money they spend and the effort IERE puts into the development of the app or website. Each project will bring new insights for the customer and profits for IERE.