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How Mobile Apps Have Taken Over The World

It has become obvious that mobile applications have become very accepted and popular with all ages and categories. This trend is the latest buzz in the smartphone world and this has taken over almost everyone’s personal lives and businesses. Little wonder in 2010, the word “app” was chosen as the “Word of the Year” by the American Dialect Society.

It has been observed that the average person checks their phone every six minutes or less; this shows how addicted we have become with our mobile devices. The rate at which smartphones are been activated each day is alarming and many apps are being created daily on the average smartphone.

Mobile applications make it possible for consumers to carry on with their daily task without interruption even when they are on the move. Unlike the desktop that offers multi-tasking, a mobile application typically has the full attention of its user. Mobile Apps are outstanding and responsive platforms for interaction with prospects!

The app industry has taken the world like a tornado, creating a micro-economy and creating jobs for thousands of talented professional individuals globally. More so, apps are now changing our online shopping habits: more than 65 million people have downloaded eBay, Amazon’s apps from various devices, spending over £5.1bn on the service from mobile devices in 2012 and this has continued to grow over time.

Industry analyst Juniper Research estimates that more than 31bn apps were downloaded to mobile devices in 2011, and predicts that by the end of 2016, mobile apps will generate $52bn of revenues, 75% from smartphones and 25% from tablets.

This is no gainsaying, apps are here to stay, in fact; they will become even more embedded in our daily lives: most businesses will start to revolve around them, both externally and internally.

For a clearer view, an infographic from Topapps.net lays out in detail how mobile apps have actually changed the world.

Like Pinky & the Brain, they have come to take over the world.

According to Topapps.net reports, among the trendy App stores, Apple App Store grabs the top most position with total available apps of around 850,000 and 50 billion total downloads.

Following the list are Amazon app store with 75,000 apps, BlackBerry App World with 120,000 total apps, Google Play with 800,000+ apps, Nokia Store with 365 million apps, Microsoft Windows Phone Store with 145,000 apps and Samsung Apps with 13,000 apps.

The direct revenue from the sales of apps in the year 2012 was above $7.3 Billion which is expected to reach over $36.7 Billion by the year 2016.

The data evidently shows that mobile apps have principally impacted the way we do things and this has provided a great opportunity for businesses to grow. So it is more likely that your customers need an app even though you might not feel the need for it. Apps is a growing trend and it helps extend your brand as your customers need to feel your presence anytime and anywhere they are.

Your app is a representation of your brand that showcases your services and products and letting you stand out while generating more responses, feedbacks, and business expansion.

Having your business on a mobile app help you connect with your customers anywhere and anytime. It gives you access to share ideas and interact with your customers directly. If you have social media profiles and various digital platforms, your app will be a single place where your customers can connect and interact. Bringing together all digital properties under one roof will substantially increase your customer engagement.

Time spent on mobile phones is an incredible reason for apps to stay afloat and expand their tentacles. Future for business apps is huge and sales expectations are optimistically huge as well.

Be a part of the revolution, cause your competition and clients are using mobile apps. Why aren’t you? Come talk to IERE today.

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