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Below are some of the features you can have in a Mobile App. In your message to IERE let us know what you would like to have in your custom designed app.

  • Around Us – Display points of interest around your business from within your app
  • Contact – Give customers multiple ways to contact your business
  • Push Notifications – Notify customers in close proximity to your business, of specials
  • Email Form – Solicit customer feedback, take appointment request etc. via email
  • Email Photo – Allow customers to send a new or existing photo to your business
  • Events – Let users notify others they are attending any event inside of your mobile app
  • Events v2 – Include all of your business events inside of your application
  • Fan Wall – Let fans leave feedback on your business
  • Food Ordering – Restaurant customers can place food orders from within the app
  • Golf Courses – Build out a golf course range and allow user to score their games in app
  • GPS Coupon – Mobile coupons customers unlock by “checking in” at your businesss
  • Image Gallery – Create image galleries optimized for iPhone and Android
  • Info – 1 Tier – Create static info page
  • Info – 2 Tier – Create static info page down to 2 levels
  • Info – 3 Tier – Create static info page down to 3 levels
  • Loyalty – Reward loyal customers for making frequent visits
  • Mailing List – Create mail list from directly inside your mobile app
  • Membership – Create apps for your exclusive groups
  • Menu – Display your menu for you business
  • Merchandise – Create your own marketplace or integrate Magento or Shopify
  • Mortgage Calculator – Specially made for real estate agents to calculate payments

  • Music – Fans can listen to and purchase music inside your app
  • News – Gather and display content instantly from Twitter, Google News and Facebook
  • Notepad – Record text notes and email them to anyone
  • PDF – Display PDF through your app
  • Podcast – Stream podcast inside your app
  • QR Coupon – Customer can redeem coupons by scanning your company’s QR code
  • QR Scanner – Scan any QR code
  • Real Estate – Showcase properties for sale or rent
  • Reservation – Integrate with 3rd party like MindBody to make reservations
  • RSS Feed – Display news and information the old fashion way
  • Sports Stats – Include a flexible counter inside your app
  • Tell Friend – Your customers can make your business viral with built-in sharing
  • Tip Calculator – Calculate tip amounts for services rendered
  • Voice Recording – Record voice notes and email them to anyone
  • Web Site – Integrate any mobile friendly web page into your app
  • WuFoo Form – Create appointment, order, feedback or contact form with WuFoo
  • YouTube Channel – Connect and display your YouTube channel
  • One Touch Calling – Make call from inside app, no numbers to save or remember
  • Custom Appearance – Beautiful layout
  • Video Integration – Your YouTube channel beautifully displayed for your customers
  • Direction View – One-touch directions to multiple locations

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